DPM 2012 for SharePoint 2010 split domain with one way trust

SharePoint Build Scenario:

If you have a SharePoint 2010 environment with split domain, i.e your SharePoint front end (application servers and web front end servers) in Domain A and SQL Server in domain B and to add the challenge there is only one way trust between the two domains, how to protect using DPM 2012 ???


As per Microsoft TechNet, DPM 2012 requires two way trust between the two domains to protect the SharePoint farm. For many reasons you don’t get the two way trust between the domains. How to make it work ??


The ideal solution would be moving all the SharePoint infrastructure into one domain where the regular user profiles exists in the domain. if regular SharePoint user profiles exists in domain A it is ideal to build everything in domain A.

Are there any work around without moving everything to one domain?

Work Around:

without moving SharePoint Database server or two way trust between the domains, is there any work around ?

Yes, there is…build one more SharePoint web front end server in the domain SQL server exists i.e domain B (as per above scenario) . also you need to have your DPM server build in the domain B where the SharePoint SQL server exists.

It is ideal to use the service accounts created in the domain where the account is valid in both the domains. In this case domain A.

I hope to write a detailed scenario…..

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