SharePoint 2013 – Workflow Manager 1.0 Install and configuration

In continuation to my last post, we have seen how to download Workflow Manager 1.0 components offline. Lets Install and configure with SharePoint Server 2013…

Step1: The Workflow Components are downloaded as below folder structure..


Step 2: Run the below command to invoke the Workflow Manager Configuration Manager screen..

WebpiCmd.exe /Install /Products:WorkflowManager

/XML:<directory of workflow manager downloads>


Eg: below..


Step 3: Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard screen starts..


Step 4: Click on Configure Workflow Manager with Default settings (Recommended). New Farm Configuration wizard opens and enter the required fields.  (Here I am talking about minimum required fields for configuration, there are advanced option parameters for setup a production farm)

SQL Server Instance: i.e The Database server for the Workflow Manager databases

Configure Service account: a dedicated domain service account for work flow manager

Certificate Generation Key: similar to Passphrase in SharePoint a password for securing the workflow manager farm. this is required when workflow manager farm extended..


Step 5: On clicking Right arrow bottom of the screen, configuration starts


Step 6: Upon successful installation all the check marks are passed with green


Step 7: Workflow manager is setups a IIS web site on the box hosting on port 12290 (for ssl) and 12291 for http (non ssl). you can add host url for the ports that are of interest in configuration such as workflowmanager (This way we can avoid using the server FQDN name while configure with SharePoint site collection)

you can verify the workflow manager Installation by accessing http://localhost:12291 or http://<host url>:12291 (if host url configured). XML file with configuration detail opens..

Step 8: Now run the below SharePoint PowerShell command to configure the workflow manager with a SharePoint 2013 site collection

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite “http://myserver/mysitecollection&#8221;

–WorkflowHostUri “;


Step 9: Verify the Workflow Manager configured successfully with the site collection by using SharePoint Designer 2013


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